Posted on Jul 25, 2012


It’s all too much for her as she sits and dreams
Dreaming of far away and other things
Her fantasies fill her days
She hopes no-one notices the smile on her face

A family she has, she loves so much
But time ticks on in such a rush
She’s barely existing, hardly noticed
Stuffy she feels and claustrophobic

She dreams of a prince on his steed
He carries her away and cares for her needs
Who treats her like a woman in every way
Showers her with surprises everyday

Who tells her he loves her each sunrise
Who she can lose herself into his eyes
Where she can see his soul and heart
Beating eternal for her from the start

She imagines him strong and wise
Always honest with her, never lies
Will give her all the love she needs
Until her heart is fit to explode and bleeds

He’ll give her free rein to be herself
To fulfil her dreams, away from her hell
And would worship the ground she walks on too
This perfect man she would choose

Suddenly she’s snapped awake
As a customer walks in asking for a cake
She bags it up and take his money
Back to earth with a bump her life so stuffy

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