Secrets and Lies

Posted on Jul 25, 2012


Secrets you ask me to keep
But secrets of other for all to see
They then spread to rumours and lies
Hurting others, ruining lives

I feel no respect for you
Because of this thing you do
Betraying trust is never good
You always do what you never should

I pity those you talk about
Distorted versions you do tout
I wonder why you do this so
Is it because you’ve no place to go?

Maybe you’re lonely in a strange way
Even though surrounded by many everyday
You lose a part of yourself when you lie
Telling those secrets makes me sigh

Do you cry when you’re alone
For all you’ve said, wishing to atone?
Or does it go over your head
Water off a ducks back, sleeping well instead

You tell me a secret it stays with me
Take it to the grave when I leave
I keep everything to myself
For it’s not for me those secrets to tell

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