I Hate

Posted on Jul 19, 2012


I hate politics
Divides us all
Its dirty tricks
Used by fools
Breeding distrust
And hate itself
Power of lust
Of power from hell

I hate lies
Destroys us all
At this I sigh
Told by fools
Some use for power
Others just do
At these I glower
Please tell the truth

I hate injustice
It angers us all
The guilty walk free
Whilst the innocent fall
Lives destroyed
By our leaders high
Used like toys
For them I cry

I hate rudeness
No need for it at all
Its impolite address
Really isn’t cool
It’s nasty remarks
And bad demeanour
With me won’t last
Leaves me sour

I hate religion
Dividing us all
Humanity missing
Sectarianism I hate most
It’s all the same
Everywhere you go
We’re all to blame
We just don’t truly know

I hate hate itself
It drains us all
Makes us too weak to tell
Right from wrong and rules
Much energy wasted
In a hateful way
Lose what you invested
In much better days

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