Concrete Jungle

Posted on Jul 19, 2012


Want out of this concrete jungle
Greys and dirty reds everywhere
Watching always the day-to-day struggle
In a place where no-one really cares

The smells of human and animal waste
Rot through the streets
People no more have much to say
No-one nods in a friendly greet

Everyone is out for themselves
Fighting their way through the week
In this concrete jungle of hell
This the vision always seen

People spitting words out in disgust
At those who want to escape
Whilst they sit there with little trust
Long ago they lost more than their faith

Away from rudeness and the crass insecure
That drain your very soul daily
From these people who want more and more
Bleeding you like vampyres slowly

Mountains and the sea are the remedy
This the place to be
Somewhere that you’re not just a nobody
This place where you live your dreams

Where your spirit can soar far and wide
Being at one with all you see
This place of freedom you long to find
Where your soul can finally be free

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