Irrelevance Of You

Posted on Jul 13, 2012


How irrelevant your religious beliefs
Stealing freewill like hooded thieves
How irrelevant your political wing
Clipping birds beaks from making them sing

How irrelevant this ‘war’ you rage
Fighting each other, destruction you make
How irrelevant and sad all that suffer
Caught in the crossfire, brothers and mothers

How irrelevant your cause that you fight
Energy wasted, try as you might
How irrelevant your involvement in this mess
This won’t sort the problems that so need address

How irrelevant it all is in the grand scheme of things
For what does it give in reality bring?
How irrelevant you are, so small in the cause
Not really noticed by any or all

How irrelevant is anything you do
For the comeback is the irrelevance of you
How irrelevant your fight it doesn’t feed the poor
For whoever wins, you’d have to obey their laws

How irrelevant is the outcome in the end
For there is no winner if truth shall be said
How irrelevant the fight with bills to meet
You still pay your taxes and struggle to eat

How irrelevant you Catholic, you Protestant
You Muslim, You Christian, your dangerous rants
How irrelevant all governments who help this chaos
It’s never them who sadly suffer loss

It’s never them who sadly suffer loss…

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