Posted on Jul 13, 2012


He sits with her as she rambles away
About her life, about her day
He listens and never will he judge
As her words pour out in a rush

Her blonde hair covers her shoulders
She never ages as she gets older
Her soft brown eyes warm his soul
Melting his heart where exists a hole

He watches her soft lips as she chats
Comfortable with her where they’re sat
Telling him secrets she tells no other
He her friend, like a brother

But for a long time now he’s wanted more
He feels close to her, his emotions raw
He wants to tell her how he feels
But is it a fantasy or is it real?

Will she feel the same as him
Or will she balk in horror and rescind
If he chooses to tell her true
He wonders in frustration at what he should do

She touches his arm and holds him close
Saying he’s the one she trusts the most
So confusion reigns in his soul
It’s no wonder he sometimes feels so low

Waking up beside her, his chest dry with tears
She wanted someone to hold to comfort her fears
Her warmth beside him makes him proud
He wants to shout to the roof his love so loud

But this is no more than a comfort to her
Nothing sexual, nothing inferred
Just two people sharing a bed
Deep down his heart is almost dead

She doesn’t really notice his existence at all
Maybe these long years he’s been a fool
Watching her with partners galore
Making him want her even more

But when she wakes she’ll go her way
As if nothing happened between them that day
For in his mind he sees more (than he should)
That there’s more to them than breath and food

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