Everyday I hear your pain
How you’re torn again and again
By someone who treats you bad
Leaving you forlorn and very sad

You call with frustrations in your soul
Your heart in knots, your blood run cold
A doormat you feel everyday
Even called at home or at play

You never find peace from this cold fish
Who’s vain and arrogant served as a dish
But you believe in all they say
Careful your false feelings in case they betray

Maybe they know the way you feel
Close proximity never makes it real
Time to say goodbye to false hearts
Time to live as you should before you fall apart

2 thoughts on “Knots

  1. wooww!! this poem is so beautiful and so right!! most of the times people stay in such situations but i truly have no idea why.. amazing..

    1. Bless you, thank you. I think it’s to do with a blindness that you see what you want to see because you hope that you can either change them or they’ll be okay when in reality they’re not. It’s an illusion of what you want. Sad really.

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