Ireland, Oh Ireland

Ireland, Oh Ireland
I miss you so
And the happy faces
That continually glow

From Dublin to Kilkenny
Where I have roots
Stronger than here
Where I live in gloom

I’ve been to Waterford
A place I love to be
Wexford and Donegal
Counties different in variety

Many places I have been
Across Ireland inland
And by the sea
Always a story, never bland

But Cork and Kerry hold my heart
Calm my soul in many ways
Kinsale though stills all storms
It never me betrays

I dream of returning there
To live again
To find that peace I’ve searched
For since a child of ten

Ireland, Oh Ireland
Embrace me next time
Third time lucky
Please give me a try

We belong together
This you know true
But until you’re ready
I’ll dream of you

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