The Unholy Three

Posted on July 1, 2012


Politicians still splutter
the same old rhetoric
Lying and cheating to
themselves and us
Who do they think they’re
kidding now
We’re not listening to
them anymore

The banks once again
steal from all
Growing fat and rich
Why are we surprised
They take what they
want, always have
Protected by government
once again

Then there’s the press
who stir things up
Causing mischief in
an already crazy world
They have no care for
anyone in it
The next story is the
chase, the drug they need

We the people who struggle
Suffer on in the mire
of their games
They play with us like a
child with its toys
Or like a rabid coyote
with a piece of rancid meat

We sit and take it as
we always have done
Because it’s all we’ve
ever known
But of late whispers in
the breeze
Have seen something in
us all at last

Are we finally taking a stand?

Don’t get me started
on religion
Another that bleeds
us dry
As they all do in this
world of ours
Either our money, our
energy or our spirits

It’s about time we made a stand…

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