Closed Heart

Posted on May 8, 2012


People look at him
Question why
Why he’s the way he is
What does he hide?
But what they don’t do
Is ask him direct
For too late it can be
This mistake to correct

Besides they don’t care
About what’s in his heart
Or where he goes
For his new start
His girl walked on him
Too self-absorbed
With her own life
She made the laws

So there he is
On his own once again
More alone than they know
Who is he to pretend
Hungry he is for more
Starving for a life un-lived
On a quest for something
A destiny he still believes

But until then he’ll
Be a closed heart
Until someone shows him the way
Someone special, pure and apart
Who understands him like no other
From the ones that don’t see
Who’ll unravel his soul
And then shall set him free

Posted in: Poetry