Just When

Posted on Feb 12, 2012


Just when you had resigned yourself
To a life less dreamed
Along came a knock on temptations door
To plant a doubting seed

So which decision should one take
For the road had now split
Should the chance be taken anew
Or with the old one stick?

Many a worry, many a thought
Wasted on thinking and not doing
When the chance was finally there
Nowhere were you but going

For fear plays a game in part
Plays and dances in glee
He’ll laugh and tempt you with smiles
Blinded then you can’t see

Your head clouded with so much more
Making a simple idea hard to achieve
Now the decisions crowd your mind
Making harder your original belief

Just when you had all sown up
A new path does open
Where oh where was this path
When you cried for it to be sent

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