This Island Nation

Posted on Feb 8, 2012


Thousands of years old this
Small Island I live on
So much history passed by
Some good and some wrong
From those that were born
Here to early settlers
And those that invaded
Celts, Normans, Viking berserker’s
Saxons too made their name
A language did they so give
Which spread throughout the world
You can find it wherever you live

It’s been attacked by so many
Been defended by so few
Surrounded by myth and legend
And by a cloudy truth
Hated by some the people here
Loved by others though
Politics and religion always
Instigate the nasty blow
I’m no patriot for men in suits
No patriot for a religion false
Sometimes I hate my Island nation
Because of the problems it does cause

But then I see the beauty it holds
The people and places on this land
The small Islands that surround it
With palm trees, clear waters and white sands
A short trip across the water
Finds me in the emerald isle
In the opposite direction
France through a tunnel by a few miles
The north holds Alba and mountains
Of old, beauty beyond belief
A magic that casts its spell
My heart lost to it, hard to retrieve

Hate still exists within our
Neighbours, north, south, east and west
But all we can do is get on
With each other and do our very best
For closely related are we too
Like no other can ever be
In this land of beauty and legend
This versatile land with so much to see
Stone circles from the mists of time
Castles and chalk animals too
Of a king our once and future
Of an endless sky of grey and blue

I follow no flag yet I love where
I live on this island nation
For it’s the centre of all to me
Sometimes fills me with elation
Take away the problems that exist
Around here, that exist everywhere
And you see with eyes anew
Suddenly you do actually care
So wherever I move to on this
Island or the smaller ones nearby
Or our neighbours we love so much
My love for these islands I cannot hide

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