Posted on Jan 29, 2012


He was woken by a sound
An earthquake he thought aloud
Rubble and dust did fall on him
His room untidy, no more clean

Then he hears it, the rat-a-tat-tat
Followed by the screams of the mad
Fear now has doubled in his soul
As he prepares to stare down a gun barrel

Why, why, oh why he thinks
Why do they do this, in fear they drink
He hears shouts, loud and guttural
Death awaits him, awaits them all

He prays to an invisible god
Hoping he’s heard, his voice not lost
This child of ten prays with all his might
Prays that by his people that god will do right

But unheard he is as the door is kicked in
His family scream for their lives, for him
But the soldiers don’t hear the words
They kill for hate, for pleasure, unlearned

Then suddenly another explosion comes
Across the road people do run
So does he in the confusion
His family dead by destructive humans

He runs and runs with all his might
Far away and out of sight
From a vantage point he sees the destruction
The smoke and screams rise to God’s amusement

Politics and religion he doesn’t understand
These are inventions controlled by man
These terrors that rule over us all
To control the weak and the sheep of fools

Finally the sounds die down
As the boy hopes by allies to be found
He hides away, cold and scared
Tears fall away, so so sad

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