Can She Do Any Right?

Posted on Jan 29, 2012


Always diplomatic, always has been
Keeping her judgements to herself
Her thoughts will never be seen
She keeps all in her head, never tells

But too many want her, bleed her dry
They put themselves first she knows
Sometimes she just wants to outwardly cry
Because she too can get so low

Sometimes though she tells them straight
Tells them all she’s human too
But none listen or usually too late
They’re too wrapped up in themselves, no clue

So she listens to them all, plays the game
Splits herself many ways to please them all
But at times this drives her insane
She wonders if she’s the bigger fool

She loves everyone with an equal heart
But sometimes they won’t leave her alone
All she wants is a brand new start
Some new place to call home

Maybe then she’ll find nirvana
That elusive peace long searched for
She every night wishes upon a star
For something that little bit more

Can she do any right she wonders
In a world of the selfish and greedy
Ulterior motives by fiends and lovers
And family, all are to her needy

She just wishes upon that star
Keeps wishing
Wishing with all her heart
That perfect vision

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