Winters Bite

Posted on Jan 10, 2012


A rabbit scurries away
To its warren from site
Found its food for the day
Now it’ll hide from winters bite

A dog runs around pulling at the leash
Her owner trying to keep pace
This dog wants to be in the heat
As too does her owner with a cold face

Skeletal trees still in the cold
This bitter winters bite
Nothing will grow as winter takes hold
Nature though puts up a fight

Children run in a park wrapped up warm
Scarf’s tight against their necks
Hat’s and gloves too as they laugh and roar

A cold sun blazes bright
Not warming life below, it tries
But oh what a sight
From high above in a cloudless sky

Night draws in mid afternoon
As people rush home for warmth
Animals wild huddle and groom
Whilst people sit by their hearths

All sleep this cold night in comfort
No cold do they feel in their dreams
But the morning will come again in daylight sought
And the cycle of the day begins again as birds sing

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