Mirror Image

Posted on Jan 10, 2012


She looks up from the sink
Wondering at what she sees
Her reflection back at her blinks
She asks it if she’ll ever be free?

She also thinks on her image she sees
Wondering if it has a life beyond hers?
And if that too has worries
And looks into her image emotionally scarred

Does she love this image that stares so?
Does she have family as well?
Does she have a good life that grows?
Not like hers a living hell

What does she see looking back?
Indeed what looks back at her?
Does her image have qualities she lacks?
Or does something dark within her lurk?

The more she looks at the mirror
The more she feels apart
She doesn’t know who stares at her
She doesn’t feel it in her heart

Who is she, the woman with eyes of green
That looks lost and not carefree?
Who is she this imposter just seen
Could it be her or someone else maybe?

Posted in: Poetry