Why Do They Ask?

Posted on Dec 25, 2011


He paces the room frustrated
His appetite not sated
He’s feeling so very low
Why ask if you don’t want to know?

She’s taken a call from a friend
Asking her how her day went
But within seconds the subject changed
From that person who is to her so fake

He is now angry from pointless questions
He no longer counts his blessings
For friends and family don’t really care
They never listen to his heart that tears

Now alone at home she sits
Her life could be better, not in the pits
But no-one around to listen or play
Why go on another day?

Both are close to breaking point
Both need a new life to anoint
But so stuck in their pointless lives
No matter how hard they both have tried

Why do people ask how you are?
Why do they ask is your life hard?
Why do they ask are you okay?
If they don’t listen anyway

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