Twists and Turns

Posted on Dec 11, 2011


The year is close to hand at ending
For most of it he’s been defending
All his actions, all his decisions
This year was a personal mission

But he’s fought all he’s come across
Even in the wake of his personal loss
Frustrated he’s become, no support
In a future he’s hard long sought

Now as he sits in a dark winters day
He looks out of his window and does pray
Silently asking for all to be well
Alone he feels, yet no-one he can tell

For they don’t care how he lives
Watching his life fall, but never shift
All they want is money and an ear
But in reality they would not shed a tear

For the day will come when he falls
And no-one will hear his calls
No-one will be on hand to pick him up
The twists and turns will finally be shut

But he has a plan to leave behind
For all those that have been unkind
He’ll leave them a legacy of late
His satisfaction he will sate

It’s not anger he feels for them
Indeed he rarely feels this emotion sent
It’s for him disappointment and sadness
The more he thinks on it, the road to madness

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