Final Reckoning

Posted on Dec 8, 2011


In the final reckoning all are traitors
To their chosen cause
It’s hard being like those haters
Their ideals and humanity false

They follow like lambs, lost they are
Need a helping hand
To guide them and tell them who they are
To make their lives less bland

A cause is a powerful thing
They think that’s what they need
Maybe notice-ability this will bring
And their insecurity they hope to feed

But they the fool that follows so
Anyone they believe
They would do as they’re told
Lie, steal and thief

It never ceases to amaze
The weakness of us all
Those that smile at the blaze
Whilst others burn and fall

The recent riots have shocked us most
But others smile and laugh
They still fight for past ghosts
And to them they raise their glass

But sad eyes follow them close
Tears and hearts do fall
The wicked and innocent continue to roast
For a false and empty call

If everyone just stood back
And said enough, no more
Then the powerful would lack
The control and the law

Terrorists, freedom fighters
Will have their day, as well
As governments and dictators
For it will be the people’s tale

The final reckoning will come
So soon, a surprise it will be
Then watch those cowards run
Whilst the rest can live in peace

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