What Price Our Children’s Future?

Posted on Dec 6, 2011


The world in which we live in is a horrible mess
Our governments don’t give a damn, couldn’t care less
By 2100 we quadruple in growth
A lack of water as well as food and jobs so low

Eighteen million to seventy-five people shall be
In this small island we call a country
The strain on us all will be intolerable
But in truth we’re all disposable

People disillusioned with their lives
No future for them, nothing for to strive
Dreams are shattered through control of a nation
Like lambs to the slaughter, for them no elation

A time will come when people say enough
To those who rule over all of us
Recently this has been touched upon
In scary proportions, it won’t be long

So much hate and so much bitterness
Too many people are at a loss
Heads bowed in supplicant fear and obedience
These poor sad people have lost all resilience

What price our children’s future now
What future for all of us in villages and towns
Cities sprawl in fear and so shake
Spirits are lost, by our leaders they break

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