Dublin’s Lost Souls

Posted on Dec 6, 2011


As the sun comes up over Dublin’s skies
And seagulls shriek their horrid cries
As cars and buses roar into life
The tram whistles along, passengers inside

There is a man who awakes in his room
Rented and overpriced in the countries gloom
But he’s no choice like countless others
He wishes to hide under the covers

Work does he lack and hope is waning
All he’s sent on is stupid courses for training
Some are okay, some are useless
The people who run his country are all but clueless

Too many people are in the land
Way too many are in the cities, so sad
For not enough work to go around
Exasperated are people like him, shouting loud

But no-one listens, no-one gives a damn
They are the cattle, the little lambs
They’ll be sold for a measly price
These people have no-one to confide

So there he is, walking by the Liffey
His days are long, he can’t be thrifty
Tourists pass him by with happy faces
Do they have the same problems, no traces?

He only sees his own country
For that is where he lives, now unhappily
It’s changed so much from what it was
Since the euro, their own eternal cost

He shakes his head as he sits in a pub
Guinness in hand, at the tv screen he looks up
More trouble in the middle east
The UK also struggling with jobs that he can see

He’s cousins over there in Britain
Who tell him there’s work, but very little
He says that loads of Irish are coming
The country at a point of straining

So the Dublin man thinks what to do
Should he cross the water, leave his home too
Or should he stay here, suffer and hold
Like a few others, Dublin’s lost souls

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