Posted on Dec 5, 2011


The man fast closing in on thirty so soon
Thinks on the uncertain future that looms
Wondering where he’ll end up and be
If only the future he could in his mind see

Time an enemy, but can be a friend
He hopes it’s kind, that good things it sends
The past year he had a way out of his hell
But he as usual did his soul to sell

Now he’s stuck in the same vicious circle
Other people’s problems to him they hurtle
Mostly those with no money, no direction
They bleed his soul, cut him to precise incision

To him rich in all things they think
But he has nothing, he also does sink
He though can never say no
Doing good is what he was taught so

To do the right thing is all he wants
To see a smile, not a face that haunts
But again and again they come to him
Make him feel bad for their own sins

All he wants is his own life to live
But taken away is his own belief
By those that hold him chained
To boundaries that cause him pain

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