To Hell With It!

Posted on Dec 4, 2011


There are two people, so far apart
Live in different areas of the land
Both dream of a brand new start
Both fed up of their heads in the sand

One a girl in the far south
Who lives by the sea
In a dead-end town by the river mouth
Like a bird in a cage, longing to be free

Three hundred miles away in the cold north
A man is having a bad day
He’s sick of bad feeling, crossing swords
He no longer wants to stay

Both are close to the dangerous edge
About ready to snap in wrought emotion
Pushed too far, over a ledge
Close ones have no notion

Then one day it finally comes to pass
And too far they are finally pushed
No more for them through the looking-glass
To hell with it! They’ll do as they should

So off they go, packing their things
New wings to spread
To find adventure, a new life to bring
Their souls no longer dead

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