The Flight Home

Posted on Nov 29, 2011


The man checks his bags in at the airport
Flying home to see family and friends
Nearly missed the plane he caught
Then his anger he would’ve had to vent

But he made it in the nick of time
Back to the land of his birth he flies
In the air above the clouds he climbs
Far above in the bright blue sky

He’s going home for a week
To see those he’s missed
That time of year again, gifts to seek
For the little ones it’s worth the trip

But going back to his home town
It sinks his heart ever so much
It brings his smiles to frowns
As nothing changes as such

Still the same old drab buildings
Still the same old faces there
It brings back the old hurtful feelings
To the one he used to love and care

But she was no sure thing, a drawn line
And his life was standing still
What was he really doing all that time
What did he truly feel?

His work life was going nowhere fast
Nor his social life at all
So he set his heart on lands afar
To a Celtic call

Now he lives in a harbour town, loves so bad
Quiet in winter, busy in summer, but never dull
It’s people he loves, open arms they had
Welcomed within days in his new home

But now he’s back in his town of old
Where now he feels an outsider
It leaves him feeling strange and cold
From where he lives and those that are kinder

Gifts are given and pleasantries exchanged
As his time there ends with sadness
Says his goodbyes with hugs of range
The little ones shed their tears, he’ll miss

But as he lands in his new home
His heart skips a beat
Here he feels never alone
Everyday a treat

He loves those back home with all his heart
But the time came for him to leave
He needed that fresh new start
So with new eyes he could see

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