Where Does It Come From?

Posted on Nov 17, 2011


For the past two weeks now he has been confident in himself
So much so that he feels he can take on the world
This feeling of indestructibility is like a drug he felt
No more hiding away for him, no more need to up and curl

The girl, bullied and harassed for years
She finally wakes up to all going on around her
With no more need to shed her silent tears
Now her anger they’ll all feel as her emotions stir

There’s a man in a factory who just does his job
Doing as he’s told, he works away
No hassles or moaning from him, avoiding eyes from the top
But something deep within him wants his say

He’ll snap one day though when the time’s right
Like many others in the world that need change
It’ll come for them all to go and fight
Where does it all come from, this inner rage?

Most of us we meander about the earth lost
All without direction we wonder where we’re going
At what price is our life worth, at what cost?
Our emotions depend on which way the wind is blowing

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