A Question of Loyalty

Posted on Nov 3, 2011


Two friends sat one day drinking in a bar
Both talk about world problems, with other things they laugh
For years now they’ve known each other, most happy times
But as of late one puts the other down, leading to more than sighs

One holds himself in dignity and respect
Taught was he from an early age not to rise to argument met
But one man can only take so much before he finally snaps
So much emotion is buried within, padlocked and trapped

But pushed too far and he will one day explode
Confusion will ensue over those responsible who did goad
So why do it he asks them, why push him thus far
But blank looks he gets, their eyes as distant as Mars

To him arguing is a pointless exercise left at schools
Or more to the point, the bullying side of it, oh what fools
Life’s too short to continue in this vein
For him it causes heartache and pain

It used to be to him a question of loyalty and friendship
But when family is in the mix, he cannot get a grip
For too much they have put upon him their woes
Money, time and emotion they have drained from head to toe

So when they put him down, find a way to make him small
The emotional tide buried deep down does him call
He fights against it, preferring to sail along in peace
But pushed is he to his limits, this will never cease

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