Ballymaloe Country Relish Blues

Posted on Oct 16, 2011


The smell of sausages wafts up the stairs
Ballymaloe country relish will be on them in pairs
Ballymaloe they continue to inspire and delight
Food no longer boring as the relish sets it alight

Our sandwiches for work given a fresh lease of life
Spread on ham and cheese with a butter knife
On toast, on chips, used for dips with crisps
The heavenly taste sends our buds into overdrive, no fibs

I Thank them for making our food so great to eat
Never boring with Ballymaloe, always a treat
I’m off now to eat a fry-up that my stomach does so for cry
With lashings of tomato relish, god I could die!

I’ve the Ballymaloe blues eating this relish
Every drop I have I do cherish
Every morsel, every taste is more than I can control
Paroxysms of delight explode in my soul

It’s not just relish that they so do
Cranberry sauce and dressings too
Apple sauces and mint jelly as well
In love with this food, can you tell?

Ballymaloe is famous for it’s food
Down Cork way where all is good
Famous for chefs and recipes galore
This heaven on earth leaves you wanting more

Ballymaloe country relish blues
food for the soul
Ballymaloe country relish blues
I love you…

If you’re interested in Ballymaloe Country Relish, their other products and all the recipes that they do please go to the following website (copy and paste)

Twitter: @BallymaloeRelis

Facebook: Ballymaloe Country Relish

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