The Girl from Brazil

Posted on Oct 12, 2011


The girl from Brazil sits at home in Holland
Dreaming of faraway places, not cold like Scotland
She dreams of warm rays raining down from the sun
Sitting on golden beaches with friends, having fun

She hears the sound of waves breaking in her minds-eye
Sometimes she wants to just go there, makes her cry
Home they say is where the heart is, to her this is true
On days like this it brings a smile to her face, takes away the blues

She can almost feel the warm waters lapping at her feet
Where she feels at one with the waves and all they so greet
A calm comes over her as she breaths in the sea air
In this place of beauty, a tranquility comes to bare

For this is Monica’s happy place, of where she needs to be
To clear away the cobwebs of boring conformity
She shall have her dream soon if she so believes
Then she can immerse herself in warm waters up to her knees!

Posted in: Poetry