Posted on Oct 5, 2011


Everyday we search for something some can never find
Everyday we search for something deep in all of our minds
Everyday we search deeper and deeper in our souls
Everyday is harder to obtain our true goals

But search we do for happiness of that which we seek
Only the just, the true of heart, the Meek
High and Low, deep inside ourselves, deep outside
Is what we look for forever going to hide?

The journey may seem long and never ending
Forever an eternal search for that just out of reach
But in our quest for the Holy Grail our heart is mending
The lessons we learn on our way, ours to share, to teach

So never give up on the search for what you so seek
It’s your destiny, your belief in yourself, your eyes shall see
Fate shall lead you on a magical journey of discovery
Your path is laid out from Birth till times end, forever you and me…

Posted in: Poetry