Are We Soulmates?

Posted on Sep 15, 2011


I wake up in the morning thinking of you
Sleep at night, dreaming, hope they come true
What started off as friends, the best are we
Began to question, should there be more to you and me?

Don’t wanna ruin what we already are
Our friendship is strong, brighter than any star
I hear you talkin’ about other men
Breaks my heart, oh no not again…

Not sure what these feelings are in my heart
Just want us to try, to give us a start
Because I think you feel the same as I
Fear holding us back, both scared to try

Don’t want this one left unanswered in us
‘Coz we’ll both always have questions we should’ve asked
Look deep inside and tell me I’m wrong
Don’t keep us waiting too long, my heart isn’t that strong

Our lives are difficult enough as it is
But together we can conquer all our fears
Because we’re strong through all we’ve seen
As a couple we’d make the perfect team

The comfort that exists between us is pure
Within us something is happening, I’m totally sure
Imagine what we could do if we let it happen
What we do as friends would send it into oblivion

Never felt as calm as I do with you
Maybe our souls are entwined, could it be true?
My anger at the world is gone in your arms
Your comfort & understanding, one of your charms

I hope I do the same to your soul
Because in the end that’s my role
To comfort, to love, to give all to you
As a friend or more, ask your heart true

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