Lost so deep searching for my soul
Going round and round in a goldfish bowl
Can anybody guide me to what I’m looking for?
Don’t know what it is, need to know the score

So many are in the same boat as I seem to be
But most of them can’t handle it, they go off their tree
I’m not that far gone yet, at least I don’t think so
All I wanna do is reach inside myself and grow

I’m not sure if it’s spiritual or psychological, maybe in between
Getting deeper and deeper, not so keen
At times like this you need inspiration
Watching the birds fly over, heading for migration

To be a bird flying high and far,
Escaping the world’s problems, hiding the scars
We all have something to hide way down deep
Eventually it will come out, someone will weep

Confusion reigns more than we know
Lost are we with the seeds that we sow
Help comes in all shapes and sizes
Enlightenment being the ultimate prize

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