Prince Regent Hotel, Brighton

Posted on Jul 27, 2011


So Brighton on a Saturday is a hard place to book for and if you want two nights in a row, say the Sunday then you better book in advance! There’s a fair warning for you.

I had a fair idea where this hotel was but wasn’t 100% certain. The directions we were given when booking it were pretty accurate though although Regency Mews and Regency Square are two different areas. They’re both in front and behind the Prince Regent Hotel and it’s the front you want at Regency Square.

I was dreading this booking after the last one in Portsmouth but more so because of the reviews it got from the website from which i booked it on, but as we came to the grand front entrance I was blown away. It’s a huge Georgian entrance that I’ve always wanted to own myself. I’ve always been fascinated by this period and it’s architecture. The creativity and detail of the period always interests me.

So in we go to a small yet grand entrance and walking up the stairs we come to a small reception where we ring a little bell. Looking around at the decoration and architecture I imagine what it must have been like when it was a house and in its glory. The hotel itself faces out to a large square for all to use in the area and the sea. We’re a five minute walk into town and the main area. It’s actually a very central place to stay.

A woman comes out talking on the phone trying to make someone on the other end of the phone understand what she is trying to say in her Eastern Block accent. I understand her perfectly and I am tempted to take the phone off her and help her but there’s no need. We are dealt with quickly and efficiently and with the biggest smile that has yet greeted us. It puts me in a very good mood and we bounce of to our rooms with a complementary mint in our mouths.

The room when we get into it  due to a mad old lady staying in the room next to us and inviting my friend in to fix her television, offering him a cup of tea and god knows what out poor man,  is ideal and suits us down to the ground. The first thing I check when I get in the room though is the shower and low and behold it works! I smile. I then move to the window where my bed is and try this and again it works perfectly. I’m thinking this is too good to be true, what can be wrong here? Then I hear the old lady next door on her phone and also talking to her husband but we couldn’t really hear him, so guessing she was just loud. Unfortunately though When one of them used to bathroom, the walls were so thin we could hear enough for us to block our ears. These two rooms though would have been one large room at one stage and separating them would have been done on the cheap at the time.

Everything though was comfortable and besides the noise outside which wasn’t much and the thin walls we didn’t really have much of a problem. Again for us it was a bed for the night and that was it. If you wanted Breakfast you had to pay an extra £7 when booking which to me was a bit steep when the room was £40 each. The bathroom was small and compact and the sink was directly in front of the shower making it difficult to move around but we dealt with that.  Again there was no-one to change the towels, sheets or toilet rolls which you always get in Scotland and Ireland but here in England they don’t seem to bother unless you ask for it to be done? Shouldn’t that come as standard if staying more than one night?

Besides those niggly things though, it was a perfect place to stay and I recommend this to anyone.

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