Brighton Blues and Sun-Up Views

Posted on Jul 27, 2011


The Peir from a short walk away

Where I live it’s quiet and hasn’t much interesting to do although there is some climbing centre that is pretty much built and up and ready to go. Nightlife wise, indeed daylife wise it’s very poor really, many of us driven to going to London because that’s as about as exciting as things can get around here. But lately I’ve been very bored of London and its attitude. It’s not the greatest city and isn’t accommodating like Brighton, Edinburgh or Dublin.

But the past couple of months I have been going down to Brighton with a few friends and the more I go the more I like it. It’s laid back, friendly, calm and relaxed. Even the bouncers (Sorry Security/Door staff) are cheerful and relaxed and often chat and laugh unlike their grumpy, rude and nasty London counterparts. Also most places you pay to get into down there if you want to pay is never more than £4 whereas in London you would pay £15 plus on average to get into a club or bar. Also after a certain time you can’t get in down London yet Brighton let you stroll in right up to the last bell rings and that’s both normal pubs and bars and nightclubs! It’s indeed a different world down there and London could do with learning from it. Also it’s more of a 24 hour city than London so you could finish work at 1am, get changed and go out.

The amount of people that just sit on the beach watching the sun come up is a nice thing as the waves lap up on the pebble beach.  It’s a place that is bohemian in the way it lives and breaths in a way I guess London used to be in the 60’s and 70’s. It has so much going on for everyone and you can never really get bored. The only bad side of it for me is that some of it has a dirty look but I suppose that’s because of the main roads that go through and around the main area’s of the city. They are actually quite dangerous and only the other day I along with quite a few people saw someone get hit by a Double Decker bus smashing one side of the windscreen. the man did a triple somersault and got up to walk away rubbing his head. Luckily though there were so many people around him that he would have been taken to hospital. So yeah, crazy roads, a bit rundown in places and the Pier is up for sale for something like £100 million I’ve heard so it isn’t perfect but is miles better than London for a day and night out.

I will be going back in a few weeks and will start to review all the pubs and bars down there amongst other things but if you have never been there before and are thinking of going down, then stick to the famous Lanes area, a ten minutes walk from the train station or five minutes from the bus station. It has amazing shops, restaurants and bars that you won’t get bored of.

Brighton has a rich culture and history that would keep you going for days and has featured in many classic fims like Quadrophenia and Brighton Rock inspired by the book written by Graham Greene who was from the next town to me a few miles away.

No doubt I’ll get bored of Brighton one day but not for a long long time! If you want to party then this is the place for you, but if you want to relax by the sea and eat fish and chips and candy floss whilst on a Merry-Go-Round then get down there also.

Brighton, me and you are gonna get to know each other quite well.

I shall see you very very soon…