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News Reviews 5

Mar 10, 2014


I’ve not done one of these in a while and there’s been much to rant about in the news over the past few weeks so here’s my jumbled views on what’s been happening in the UK and the world over the past few days and weeks. Unemployment down by 7.2% Here we go again. The […]

News Reviews 4

Sep 22, 2013


Train Fare Rises I got on a train the other day and realised my fare had crept up by 20p. Yes, I know, it isn’t much but it is a price hike all the same, one of many yet to come. Buses have also risen by a similar amount at a time when people can’t […]

News Reviews 3

Sep 1, 2013


Ugliest Town in the Britain is… Hemel Hempstead Recently a report in the news named Hemel Hempstead as the ugliest town in Britain. It came from a group called  Crap Towns Returns who do this every year. I had to laugh at this but wasn’t surprised. You see, I was born in the town and […]

Poaching Wars with Tom Hardy Review

Aug 29, 2013


Poaching Wars – Part One I knew that this was going to be disturbing to watch as soon as I saw the advertisements for it. Opening with scenes of an Elephant and her calf half dead and us being told that they were trying to escape when they were killed was very sad. When you […]

News Reviews 2

Aug 4, 2013


Two big rants this week for you on my internet soapbox to sound out on. Maybe I should go to Hyde Park if I keep this up and join the rest of the fruit loops at Speaker’s Corner. Right, here goes… NHS I walked past my hometown’s hospital in Hemel Hempstead the other day and […]

News Reviews 1

Jul 24, 2013


The Prince of Cambridge So we have a little baby Prince named George Alexander Louis, 3rd in line to the Throne of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Commonwealth. He’s as cute as a button and like all babies born into this crazy world of ours, is an innocent to all that goes on around […]

The Woolwich Attack

May 22, 2013


The callous and cold-blooded attack on three people in Woolwich, London today sent shock waves through the country and the world. People from all walks of life were sickened by the attacks and one of the alleged men responsible was seen on the news with a bloodied machete and his hands covered in blood. Most […]

James Herbert, Creed and Me

Mar 20, 2013


On Wednesday 13th March 2013, I was meant to be going to Brighton and the Waterstones booksellers for an evening with James Herbert, the Grandmaster of Horror but I pulled out because a friend of mine wanted me to meet him down in the bohemian city by the sea for a belated birthday celebrations two […]

From Rubbish Bags to a Dictator’s Downfall

Aug 25, 2011


The news has been crazy and varied these past few weeks what with the riots in London and the arrests, convictions and the inevitable outcry of ‘human rights’ that these people are meant to have. I believe in Human rights but if you commit a crime that does harm to another person in any way […]

The London Riots and the Spreading Disease

Aug 9, 2011


The past few days here in Britain about the riots in London has been one of shock. This started off as a peaceful protest in London from the shooting of a man by police alleged to have been carrying a gun but has now escalated into something else entirely. From the boroughs of Camden, Clapham, […]