No Dance with the Devil Yet

Posted on Oct 19, 2016


This happened to me earlier this morning and it was a close call indeed.

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A yawn as I awake in darkness
Thinking on the weekend ahead
The city of Dreaming Spires
A light to guide my week

I mount my bike
Peddle power keeping me fit
The ride fresh as the sun rises
Good to be alive

And then confusion
A wave of hands to let me go
A flash of white and I’m down
A twist of metal, arms and legs

The flash gone in an instant
Not waiting around
In shock
No-one there for an age

Then five angels appear
Shocked at my fallen body
None daring to approach
But help they did

No police, no ambulance
All closed, all quiet
Urgent Care shut due to sickness
What a state this town, country, this UK

Friends pick me up
My colleagues good and kind
Could not wish for better
There is good in the world

Pain and queasiness my companion now
As I wait for law and enforcement to come
Twelve hours after the hit and run
Where are they in my need?

And then what of the driver?
Did they notice or hear the THWACK of body on metal?
In their eyes am I dead as they sped off
Or did they not care in their haste?

Life is a strange business
Full of ups and downs
Too precious to waste
To precarious to risk

But alive I am kept
Not for the first time too
I wonder why me and what for?
Grateful though in my shock

And what of my last words to people
And what of theirs to me?
My thoughts tumble and dance
My mind goes to places unreached

So no dance with the Devil yet
Nor with any light?
Maybe there is a purpose after all?
Maybe I am here for a reason?

Who knows…

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