Broken Souls

Posted on Mar 28, 2016


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By the sea he should be today
A friend he wished to see and with play
But fickle fate intervened
And left them all in disbelief

Taken was one they loved
Gone to the sky, to the great pub
Where he’ll be with those gone before
But left as he emotions raw

Now those left behind walk in shock
Gone is their quiet rock
Sorrow runs waterfalls deep inside
Are there any more tears to cry?

The memory of him is strong in the mind
And of his last deeds of which were kind
Why though did he have to go?
It has dealt them all an awful blow

But onwards they must struggle
So many emotions do they juggle
This man gone but within their hearts he stays
Broken souls now but healed soon one day

For my Stepdad Bob 08 August 1946 – 23 March 2016
May he be drinking the best pint in the greatest pub in heaven

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