Doctor Who: The Zygon Inversion review

Posted on Dec 5, 2015


The Storyline

The Zygon Inversion by Stuart Manning (8)

The Zygon Inversion by Stuart Manning

Carrying on from the last episode we find Clara at home where strange things are happening where she cannot seem to escape. She realises that she is trapped and has some semblance of control over her Zygon double but too late to stop the plan carrying the Doctor and Osgood from being destroyed.

Evil Clara aka Bonnie puts her plans forwards whilst the good one communicates from inside her mind through her evil counterpart. Meanwhile the two Osgood’s leave a message for Clara/Bonnie that annoys her and the Doctor and Osgood go on a rescue mission to find Clara.

Bonnie meanwhile goes on the offensive by threatening Clara with death if she does not reveal the location of the Osgood box. Clara seemingly reveals its location but not everything, holding all the cards.

Whilst the Zygon rebels plan to destroy their own kind, Bonnie heads to the Black Archive at UNIT HQ where she finds two Osgood boxes, one blue, one brown. Both have buttons on them saying the same thing; Truth or Consequence much to the anger of Bonnie.

Clara is awoken by her double and Osgood and the Doctor are rescued by Kate Lethbridge Stuart who may or may not be a Zygon double?

Both Kate and Bonnie have there fingers on the buttons, one to destroy and one to save their own kind.

The Doctor gets angry with them both, telling them that they have no idea of death or war for he knows more than they will ever know.

Kate stands down as does Bonnie and Clara inadvertently saves the day without realising it by just being her.

Osgood sees the Tardis from the outside wanting so much to join them but stays behind to protect the boxes. All of a sudden she is joined by her double who was presumed dead but it turns out she is the Bonnie/Clara hybrid and is now on the side of good.

The Tardis de-materializes with Clara saying to the Doctor that she knew he thought her dead, that it was not long though. He smiles sadly and says let him be the judge of time and she looks at him confused.

The review

Yet again this was another strong and wonderful episode full of strong characterization, especially by the actors playing doubles of themselves, and of course brilliant writing.

Knowing who was good and who was bad was enough to keep the viewer guessing up until the last minute.

The final confrontation speech about right and wrong, about life and death was perfect and gave Capaldi centre stage.

The part where the Doctor says his real name is Basil brought a smile to my face and I have read recently that this could be the case. Ridiculous if so. Once again there are too many changes being made unnecessarily. In another scene he reveals to Osgood when asked why he does not wear anything with a question mark on him anymore, cheekily saying he does as underwear. Is this another attempt at saying he is of another sex? If so I am quite fed up of it. Some things should just be left be as they are.

With only four episodes to go before this series ends; five including the Christmas special, I only hope that the makers do not take too long in making the next series.

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The Cast

Peter Capaldi – The Doctor
Jenna Coleman – Clara Oswald

Ingrid Oliver – Osgood
Jemma Redgrave ─ Kate Stewart
Nicholas Asbury – Etoine
Aidan Cook – Zygon
Tom Wilton – Zygon
Jack Parker – Zygon
Nicholas Briggs – Voice of the Zygons


Writer – Peter Harness and Steven Moffat
Director – Daniel Nettheim