If Only I had a Time Machine

Tardis Picture courtesy of BBC
Picture courtesy of BBC

I sit typing my life away
Dreaming of all I could be
Looking back on my past
As far as the mind can see

I shake my head in sadness
At all that has gone on by
Many opportunities wasted
It’s no wonder inside I cry

What with bills to pay, food on the table
An old-fashioned way of life I lead
Not through choice initially
My family planted the seed

I wonder on alternative me’s
Think on how they fare
Wonder if they’re better off
Or worse than my thoughts dare

This though a road to madness
Something I definitely fear
Could this be my life
Screaming when no one hears

If only I had a time machine
Oh how I would start afresh
Or make changes for the better
Instead of this holy mess

Anyone who says otherwise
To me lies through their teeth
For I think all would be well
As it is meant to be

Oh for that time machine
A madman in a box
To whisk me off to my past
To find what is lost…

3 thoughts on “If Only I had a Time Machine

  1. My thoughts in here, gets kinda scientific but here’s what I make out of time travel: If you go back in time and change something, that’s going to cause a ripple in the threads of time which is going to cause a paradox. To elaborate, if you went back and changed something, then why did you even go back? As in, if you change the past, the present as you know it will be ripped off and therefore you will have a different future all together. Okay, I’m just ranting now. Have a good day!

      1. Oh yes. That would definitively be the breakthrough of scientific inventions. I mean it’s just incredible, right? Why wouldn’t you want to go back and wipe all your mistakes?

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