A Child’s Innocence

Posted on Apr 18, 2015


Playing horsey with kids Picture courtesy of pinterest.com

Playing horsey with kids
Picture courtesy of pinterest.com

Watching my nephew play today was a joy to behold
For four years of age he’s gone from shy to bold
The games he plays are wide and mad
A child’s innocence and imagination I wish I had

Today I was a horse neighing around
Making him laugh, being the clown
One minute I had to talk as a horse
The next as me, confused I was!

He fed me sweets pretending they were carrots
Saying, ”come on Horsey, eat your food,” these chocolates
Up and down the stairs I went with him on my back
Making horse noises running this pretend track

We then played pillow fights for a brief respite
Then back to horsey, he armed with a sword to fight
His happy smiley face filled my heart with joy
As he sat and played with his little toys

My niece watched on, a month shy of a year
A little unwell and tired she did shed a tear
Then a toy was switched on that sang a little song
A smile on her face did come, never fails to go wrong

A child’s innocence is a wonderful thing to behold
It’s like finding the rarest diamond or a piece of gold
Happy does it make you as special as they are
As they play, smile and laugh, these beautiful little stars

*Originally written and published on September 11th 2011 at 16:39 and re-edited on 18th April 2015 at 1248

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