Doctor Who – Last Christmas – The Christmas Special

Posted on Dec 28, 2014


Doctor Who - Last Christmas - The Christmas Special

Doctor Who – Last Christmas – The Christmas Special
Picture courtesy of the BBC

The Storyline

The story begins with Clara awakening to hear noises on her roof only to discover Father Christmas and his elves along with out of control reindeer flying around. Suddenly the Doctor arrives to tell Clara to enter the Tardis and not to speak a word. She tells him that she has missed him and the Tardis and he replies to her with a question: does she believe in Santa Claus?

The next scene focuses on a group of people in the North Pole who have monsters held in a room sleeping. A woman enters the room where they are to find the Doctor and Clara entering at the same time. There the monsters awake ready to attack and they do.

As things seem to be getting out of control, a familiar figure in a red suit enters to defend them all.

Santa tells them all who he is and tells them they are being invaded by Dream Crabs to which he has one in a container, but the Doctor insinuates that they are all in a dream and is unsure if they will die or not.

Clara and the Doctor come clean about their last meeting saying they both lied to protect one another, not wishing to hurt the other.

Is Santa a Timelord or something more for he and the Doctor seem to know each other?

The captive Dream Crab escapes and breeds alien-like in all they encounter.

Doctor Who - Dream Crabs Picture courtesy of

Doctor Who – Dream Crabs
Picture courtesy of

Clara goes to find the alien as requested by the Doctor only to be attacked by the alien. She awakes again to find Danny Pink awaiting her in a Santa suit and she is very happy.

In the dream she finds a blackboard with her name on it saying she is dreaming and dying but she soon forgets, immersing herself in the dream.

The Doctor is desperate to save her and asks for Santa’s help. He decides on a drastic cause of action to rescue her and enters her perfect dream.

Clara wants to stay whilst the Doctor tries to free her and dream Danny helps them both. They both wake up, the aliens jumping off their faces and dissolving into dust. The Doctor is convinced that they are all dreaming and captive on the base simply because Santa Claus is there with them.

They are all confused and unsure what is real and what isn’t?

Santa asks them all to believe in him and they will awake and be free. Suddenly they are and being attacked yet again. But are they and are they all they seem? They all read a part of a book that all links to them as does the pain in the heads?

The Doctor realises that they are all still dreaming and always were…

They are about to be defeated when in flies Santa to the rescue again and the doctor gets to ride Santa’s sleigh much to his joy. One by one they disappear from the sleigh to awake in reality, the aliens falling from their faces.

The Doctor awakes leaving only Clara in her dreamlike state with Santa and the Doctor goes to her rescue only to find she is old and sixty years have passed.

He regrets not saving her and tells her so when in walks Santa to grant his wish and he asks her to go with him on adventures again. She says yes much to his delight and hers. Both disappear in the Tardis and fly off…

The Review

I had been looking forwards to this Christmas episode very much. The idea of Father Christmas and the Doctor teaming up was a story I wanted to see but was worried about how it would be handled, especially with the talented Nick Frost in the role of the big man. I needn’t have worried though for he pulled off the role very well indeed.

I loved the blatant ‘homage’ to other films like Alien and The Thing throughout the episode, both brilliant and classic films. I thought it quite scary for kids as the monsters were something from nightmares and probably gave some little ones out there a bad dream or two as well, but Doctor Who is meant to be scary anyway. It always has.

I loved the mash-up of Sci-fi, horror and Christmas all rolled into one episode. It was one of the better Christmas episodes. It even had the Doctor taking the reins of Santa’s sleigh with a big child-like grin on his face. I smiled at this scene.

I did though feel more could have been done with the episode for I felt something was missing from it that I could not put my finger on and yet I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

This is the last episode now before season nine (or thirty-five to us long-term fans) begins again starting with The Magician’s Apprentice as the next episode. The wonderful Jenna Coleman has now been officially confirmed as the companion for the new series much to many’s delight and others disappointment. I myself think she is amazing and still has a story to tell and cannot wait for her to come back. I do not want to see her character killed off, but I would like to see her go off into an alien sunset on her own adventure when her time is up, leaving the door open for guest appearances in later seasons.

It is also confirmed that Missy will return although maybe not in the next series, but possibly after? I suppose the producers are seeing how to go ahead after making the Master change sex, paving the way for the Doctor to do likewise. As I have said before, many do not like this, nor want it but it is obviously going to happen anyway no matter what the fans think or want. There is still time to change the entire character though and make her someone else entirely, keeping the Master male as he has always been; and in doing so, ensuring the Doctor remains the same as he always has.

Filming for the next series begins in January so it should be on our screens by late summer with any luck. I cannot wait for its return.

Doctor Who - Last Christmas by Stuart Manning

Doctor Who – Last Christmas by Stuart Manning


Peter Capaldi – The Doctor
Jenna Coleman – Clara Oswald

Nick Frost – Father Christmas
Samuel Anderson – Danny Pink
Nathan McMullen – Wolf
Dan Starkey – Ian
Michael Troughton – Professor Albert Smithe
Natalie Gumede – Ashley Carter
Faye Marsay – Shona McCullough


Writer – Steven Moffat
Director – Paul Wilmshurst