Like a whirlwind

Posted on Nov 22, 2014


Like a whirlwind she
stormed into his life
No escaping her,
impossible to hide
Blowing in, she swept
him up
It’s hard not to
fall in love

Not though in a
romantic way
Never like that, no, not
what the gossip’s say
Just someone like
her to care for deeply
For someone like her
to notice him

But popular she is,
blowing in and out
Impossible to get through
her maddening shouts
But hey, it feels good
to be by her side
Just a shame she sees
through eyes so blind

He’s often thought of
them being more
But then he wonders
why on earth for
Far too opposite have
they always been
No future for them
has he foreseen

But it feels good to
be in her embrace
To feel the warm tears
that fall from her face
And the warmth her
body gives his soul
It fills that place where
his heart lived once, but a hole

So he dreams now of
different possibilities
Thinking on different
Maybe in an alternate
universe they are more
Maybe there it is
worth fighting for

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