Posted on Nov 14, 2014


The anger he feels, the rage that tears at his soul is the fault of you
Your selfish needs that your insecurity feeds, you don’t have a clue
The best he can do, no blood spilt, arguments always ensue
So please try and understand there’s more in this world than just you

All he tries in this world is to do the right thing
But there’s always someone who wants to tear you down
His heart and soul screams when all it wants to do is sing
Where there should be a smile, in it’s place a frown

His spirit is trapped in a hell he hates with a passion
But your selfish needs control his freedom to leave
All he wants do is run from this gaol to cash in
From a life in torment of debauchery and sin

You’re the cause of his life’s woes
You selfish arrogant fool who sees with eyes closed
You’re the one who shall be sad and lonely
Decrepit, old, miserable and ghostly

See how he’s falling apart, a shadow of himself
You don’t see who he really is or care about his life
He’s a lost torn soul in his own personal hell
Which you ignore and without thinking put in the knife

Never forget who was there for you in your darkest days
When the wind was blowing without the sun’s rays
Never forget the friends that listen to your voice so alone
And insecure that you forget those in front of you soon to roam

*First published on October 11th 2011 at 10:46 and re-edited 14th November 2014

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