Judge, Jury and Executioner

Posted on Oct 4, 2014


frustratedwoman courtesy of bebamfit.com

Picture courtesy of bebamfit.com

She wonders why, when she tries to do the right thing
Lead a good honest life, with all it can bring

That everyone feels the need to criticise her
By becoming her judge, jury and executioner

All she wants is to find her niche
Where she can be happy with her little piece

She’s not looking to become a millionaire
Just to be content, but life isn’t fair

Because she gets pressure from all directions
Sometimes she feels everyone holds elections

Whether family, friends, work or even government
She just wants peace, whether earthly or heaven sent

Why does everyone put her down as they do
Do they know her, have they a clue?

She’s never horrible to anyone and never will be
Judge, jury and executioner, they’ll never let her free

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