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Posted on Sep 17, 2014


The following are just a few grumbles of the week to let out of my crowded and mad mind.

Lying Scotsman

Lying Scotsman
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The Scottish Referendum

Yes I know, I did a huge piece on this a few days ago but it is a big thing here in the UK and will change everything no matter which way it goes. I have put up a few comments, none of which are offensive to the YES voters on certain social media sites and the hateful messages I am getting back are incredible. Is this the kind of country Salmond wants to take into Independence? If so then he is welcome to it and the eventual downfall and problems it will bring in a few short years down the line. It is inevitable. His mistake will be the undoing of his people. He is using romanticism, political misdirection, teenage kids and foreign nationals to get what he wants; the latter of which are reportedly being spat on and told to ‘go home’ to their own country. His so-called people do not matter, nor does it matter how he gets it, as long as he wins and makes the history books, then who cares what the outcome for he will be alright no matter what. I find it very sad though that a beautiful people and nation has become so angry and abusive to their own people as well as others, most notably the English with an uncomfortable and underlying racism brought to the for.

The SNP are no better than UKIP at present and are leaving a bitter taste in my mouth. They will soon need the UK’s help when money is needed to be borrowed and this will sadly happen pretty quickly I think if independence happens. It is too close to call at the moment. We shall soon see on September 18th.

Personally I think that each member of the UK should take turns in ruling us all every five years. They can all be responsible for our demise then and would have no-one to blame but each other or themselves. No change there then because there never is real change is there?

Cameron said it all when he said that he or his party and government would not be around for ever. Don’t take it out on the people of the UK for the mistakes of the few. Governments change. Independence will be no better than now and may end up like Portugal and Spain within ten years.

But hey, everything has a price. I just hope the Scots people are willing to pay through the nose for it all. It just breaks my heart that such a beautiful and intelligent people cannot see the obvious and that they’re being lied to by Alex Salmond and his cronies. I just hope they vote NO for now for their sakes, their children’s and their grand-children’s. Patriotism doesn’t pay the bills or feed the family. I hope people remember that.

Public Transport

Description Euston Station London - Courtesy of -

Description Euston Station London – Courtesy of –

I am not too impressed with Public Transport of late but then who is at the moment?

I got a train into London just over a week ago for it to be delayed and then put on another platform, only for it again to be moved back to its original platform with a few seconds notice of the train pulling in.
We moved fast, all one-hundred or so of us onto a full to the brim capacity train, packed liked sardines or animals off to a slaughterhouse. An old man was trying to make it across by taking one step at a time down to the tunnel and across to the changed again platform. A train guard was told he was coming and I swear he never made it on and that they went without the poor man. Many of us were talking about it on a hot and packed train.

Getting to London a half an hour or so later, I met a friend who wanted to relax before we headed off to our destination on the other side of London. Sad to say, this was the wrong thing to do and we should have left much earlier for the London Underground was a nightmare of closures and engineering work. To top it all to that point I used my Oyster Card only for it to take far too much out of my credit for a journey not taken. By this time I was quite angry and frustrated.
We finally made it to our destination three hours late with me in a foul mood but happy to see friends finally. It was only after leaving them and finding out that prices had shot up for drinks in London by a pound or more that I realised what the time was. I had to make the last train back or I would be stranded in London for the night. I needed to get home.

Sadly though Euston station was closed and a man told me there was a coach available to take me home. I went to where he said but there was no coach, just random crazy Londoners who I was wary of. I had no choice but to stay in London until the first train out and buy another ticket. I was very angry to say the least. I had spent a lot on travel for a very bad service and unhelpful staff to not bother with me.

There are far too many delays and other problems along with a poor quality of service and yet price hikes are continuous along the year. We pay for a service we do not want and what we do ask for gets swept under the carpet. This is always the way with those in some form of power whether governmental or in business. The people are sheep or cows led to slaughter.

I shan’t be going to London any time soon whilst all those problems are going on.

Regeneration Projects and the Housing Crises

117 year old Methodist Church now no more taken by the author Darren Greenidge (c)

117 year old Methodist Church now no more taken by the author Darren Greenidge (c)

The UK is having a major housing crises and has done for a few years now and shows no sign of improving.

Where I live at present there is much wasteland where warehouses used to stand but has now given way to grass and wildlife. No companies are moving into town probably because they cannot afford the land and business rates?

Much of this land has lain empty for a decade or more and looks in a sorry state indeed. Recently, old warehouses have been knocked down to leave yet more wasteland. There is now enough room to build the entire quota of homes needed and more besides up in that area but no, it lays undisturbed and boarded up.

Yet in the town centre itself, a 117 year old church, sound in structure, has been levelled to make way for another regeneration project that will no doubt be a monstrosity here. Flats are also being built in and close to the town centre.

This is all being done to bring in new business and make the town prosperous again. This same thing is happening all over the UK. I have no doubt that many historical buildings are being torn down to make way for the ugly and the new. I don’t mind progress, in fact I welcome it but I do not condone the destruction of history. It should be integrated and kept for future generations to enjoy. Yes, the church was only 117 years old and we have buildings much older here as well as Roman Villas and baths buried underground waiting for something to be done with them for the general public to enjoy. How about building a museum instead, something that may or may not happen in a few years?

My problem is that why build so many new homes when there isn’t enough work in these towns or villages to go around, nearby or a short commute away? The rents and council tax are usually too high and then you have extortionate utility bills and so on. That’s before you even get food in if you are lucky enough to be able to afford it; and if you do it will probably be cheap and nasty products that do not do much for your health but are left with no choice because the basic range is all you can afford.

My question is, why don’t the government find a cheaper way for people to live? Flatpack homes could be an alternative but then the land could be expensive to build one on? Something along these lines is needed though for people to live. In some parts of the UK people are living in storage containers that are used by ships. These have been taken on by charities and are converted into small homes. They are compact but very practical indeed.

The other day I was on my friends narrowboat and it got me to thinking about the lifestyle and practicality of living on one. I asked my friend many questions, bombarding him over the course of our three-hour trip along the Grand Union Canal. I asked him the question about how would it be ‘policed’ by the government to rent one and his answer was that it would be difficult as you can just take off whenever you like across the length and width of Britain. I could see his point but yet I still thought there must be some way to control this and put more people in boats and marinas across the UK.

Ruins of 117 year old Methodist Church taken by the author Darren Greenidge (c)

Ruins of 117 year old Methodist Church taken by the author Darren Greenidge (c)

On the other hand people are breeding like rabbits and this always happens in times of recession even in a world of many distractions that we live in compared to a hundred years ago say. Some of these people don’t go back to work and choose to stay at home to bring their child up which is fantastic if they can afford to do so. Good on them I say if they have the funds to do so but there are many who do not have the money and sadly have to rely on the government. Funds are there for a purpose and everyone has a right to use them if the have paid their taxes and insurance over the years but there are a select few that have no intention of going back to work and stay in that same lifestyle for years. I find this very sad. And what do they need within a short space of time? Homes, some of which are not little flats but houses with big gardens and lots of bedrooms. But hey, the children are our future are they not? Unless the do similar when they get older of course and the cycle continues. Everyone should have a chance in life but I feel we as a small island are at breaking point lately.

Which brings me back to regeneration projects and flats being built everywhere but not enough work to go around for an every growing community that cannot sustain itself. Implosion awaits it as well as degeneration as it has with my home town in the past and will do again. The same goes for villages, towns and cities all over. London has so many derelict buildings doing nothing it is ridiculous and yet is has a mass homelessness crises that most cities have around the world. Instead of helping those who really need a home and a fresh start, these derelict buildings give way to expensive homes snapped up by those lucky enough to be in a position to afford it, some of which are brought as but-to-let schemes or are sold on to make more money and in doing so push the prices up. No-one who earns minimum wages or just over stands a chance to buy so imagine the poor people who are on the streets, forced there by god knows what circumstances, probably by an unhelpful council who forced them out of their homes when they fell behind with the rent or council tax?

This is the world we live in now and it makes me sick.