The Streets of Oxford

Posted on Sep 16, 2014


Punting on the River in Oxford

Punting on the River in Oxford taken by the author Darren Greenidge (c)

I walk over Magdalene
Watching boats
tangled on the Isis

None can find a
way out
Yet smiling faces
all around

On into the heart
of Oxford now
It’s buildings old
and proud

So much these walls
have seen
Given intellectual

A code for Morse
to crack
In his Endeavour to
put lives back

From Northern Lights
does Lewis come
A Hobbit dreamt for
Tolkien’s sons

A Lord did fight for
his rings
The Eagle and Child,
the Inkling’s did drink

A professor of time
wrote his history brief
And planted a knowledge
an ever-growing seed

So many Don’s in
this town
The city of dreaming
spires and gowns

Oh I dream once
To be amongst such
great men

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