Something in the Water

Posted on Aug 24, 2014


Happy contemplation

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He’s no oil painting is
In a crowd you him
would miss
But his personality
rings through
And many see him

So one night he’s
with his friend
Drinking from day’s
beginning to end
When all of a sudden
he’s approached
By a girl with a boyfriend
in tow

But he’s nowhere to
be seen
So the girl talks to Chris,
his friend in-between
A smile, a look, a flick
of the hair
She reels him in without
other cares

And then she’s gone,
as if in smoke
Leaving behind a moment
now broke
He wishes it had
been more
She seemed just what
he looks for

A few hours pass and
he’s moved on
His friend too drunk
and long gone
So home he decides
to go
But what the hell,
one for the road!

He sits in his own
in a crowded bar
Musing on his night
so far
When he’s approached
once again
By a woman who wants
him to join her and a friend

He does, slightly
Thinking he has nothing
to lose
Wondering on this couple
he’s with
Is there something here

And then he’s told by
the man
Something that surprise’s
him yet again
It seems that they’ve
just met
And it’s Chris she’s interested
in, this day not over yet

She confirms it’s him
she likes
And Chris inwardly says
For twice in a day chatted
up was he
Something in the water

She goes away with
promises to him
But he doubt’s he’ll
see her again
Not that it matters
But both women have
sure made his day!

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