Assault of Tranquillity

Posted on Aug 10, 2014



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Woken by trucks and
banging just after 5am
As deliverymen noisily
drop of their wares

And the market traders
Have their stalls set up
Yet more banging and

Then the bin-men arrive,
noisier than them all
As bottles crash into
the jaws of death

I lay wrecked, nerves
torn to shreds
Fatigue heavy on my
mind, body and soul

Quiet descends on my
abode then
But not for long, not
for long

Pigeons have their
Landing on my windowsill,
cooing loudly

Followed by Gulls, their
cries resound in my ears
They just won’t go

This place a bedlam
of noise
A barrage of the senses,
an assault of tranquillity and dreams

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