Festering Away

Posted on Jul 21, 2014



Picture courtesy of http://www.marcandangel.com

It’s better to be honest
than to tell a lie
Better to be upfront
than to leave it festering away

No-one understands
why you weave a tale
One more elaborate than the last
more confused than before

Things made worse when told
affecting more than you know
A domino effect is caused
whilst you hide in your stories

A lie begets a lie, begets a lie
breeding like an infestation of rats
Clawing their way through
tiny holes unnoticed by your scrambled mind

Much damage is caused by this
yet you walk on by blind
Hoping it will go away
but one day it’ll visit unexpectedly

Do the right thing
set wings these words wrong
Correct mistakes done
let them fly from your soul

So tell the truth now
let it be gone
Breathe once more
and be free of the infectious lie

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