The Old Oak

Posted on Jul 4, 2014


Oak Tree

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Do you remember him
As you walk in the park
Summer rays beaming down
A call of a skylark

Do you remember those days
Walking by the river
Laughter in the sun
Carried by the breeze to wherever

Do you remember his smile
And his silly face
As you pass by
This open space

Do you remember his shock
As the goose bit him
Your teasing as he fell backwards
Your uncontrollable laughing

Do you remember his sheepish grin
Boyish and shy-like
As he went on bended knee
Asking for you to be his wife

Do you remember his joy
When you said yes
In the shade of an old Oak tree
As he held his breath

Do you remember that kiss
His taste under that tree
Your beating heart in rhythm with his
Feeling wild and free

Do you remember those days
That followed after
As life changed for you both
A new chapter

Do you remember marrying that day
Under the old Oak
On a summer’s day in June
And the news you broke

Do you remember his face
As you put his hand on your midriff
His happiness ringing loud in the park
Swinging you round in his bliss

Do you remember all of this
Sitting under your old Oak tree
The eyes of your child his
The boy’s smile the same as he

Or do you remember the dark days
When they came with sad news
To tell you he’d gone
Taken by a drunk driver in winter’s blues

Do you remember him always
As your tears now fall
Under your old oak
As people walk by lost in summer’s thrall

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