Call of the Crow

Posted on Jun 7, 2014


Call of the Crow

Picture courtesy of Samantha Dean and

Awake before the sun does rise
Looking out at gloomy skies
Sleep still in watery eyes
Much to do, how time flies

Dustmen rattle down below
Waking the dead as they to and fro
Bottles crash and shatter home
As the cart swallows them with a groan

Market traders set up for the day
Hoping for sun to be out to play
Maybe then they will get some pay
Or go home like the skies so grey

No many hear the call of the crow
Even he’s still in bed you know
On a cold, wet June he’ll not show
Even the mountains of Scotland have snow

With creaking joints a-popping
And eyelids still a-dropping
Movement is made, half groping
To the shower for awakening

Let the day commence
Let it for once make sense
Maybe make a few pence
Out of life’s little mess

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